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Posted by: bobby osborne
Date/Time: 20/09/15 19:33:00

A flawed genius as a critic in my book.
Brilliant understanding and knowledge of Old Masters, but an ignorant dinosaur when it came to modern and conceptual art.
Which is paradoxical given that he was an out and out bohemian yet he espoused classical standards.
I suspect his involvement with Burgess and Anthony Blunt resulted in him adopting furtive and dubious allegiances and a contrary personality.
His father Peter Warlock was a schizophrenic composer, who was mad as a box of snakes. Warlock, aka Philip Heseltine, was also partial to a bit of devil worship in Cornwall. I am a fan of his choral work, especially 'The Curlew'.
Despite being an attention seeking old queer, Sewell was splendidly opinionated and entertaining with his misogynist and anti establishment diatribes.
A critic who wanted to be more of a celebrity than his contemporary artists, which may be why he preferred dead artists to those living.
I only met him in passing at exhibitions, and i revere eccentricity, but many more important artists than my good self will be metaphorically raising a glass to his now silence.
His autobiography Outsider is worth a read.

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