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Posted by: Marlene Plimley
Date/Time: 19/09/15 21:10:00

It was first built as a fire station. I don't know when, but it was sold to The Southern Electricity Board and it was run as one of their branches. It was closed for a while and then sold around 1989 for around £700K. It came with quite a lot of land out the back.
The new owners stripped it out completely, right back to the old white tiles and high ceilings and turned it into a furniture and junk shop for a few months. That was a hoot! They then refurbished it and  turned it into a rug shop called The Rug Warehouse.  This ran for a few years until they sold it around 1995 to All Bar One. There is a flat upstairs and if you ever wonder why there is a tower, that was where the fireman hung their hoses to dry out, vertically, after using them to put out fires.

The vendors kept some of the land at the back and later built flats. I heard a story that as the flats were on Prince of Wales Terrace they wanted to call the development Camilla House but the locals objected and so they didn't. Maybe just a rumour but I found it amusing.

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