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Topic: Re:So what did Amrit Mann say?
Posted by: Peter Thompson
Date/Time: 16/09/15 10:38:00

The good news from last night was that the Labour administration stated that they remain opposed to a third runway. 

In my supplementary question I asked why Hounslow wasn’t part of the Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion – which is supported by MPs such as Ruth Cadbury, Zac Goldsmith, Boris Johnson, John McDonnell along with Wandsworth, Hillingdon, Richmond, Kingston and Windsor and Maidenhead Councils and various pressure groups like HACAN, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and whether the Council has backed off actively opposing expansion.

Cllr Mann, Cabinet Member for Environment, replied that because Hounslow has to work with Heathrow to mitigate the impact of the airport they had decided not to support this group.

Personally I find this stance disappointing to say the least.  When I lead the Council between 2006 and 2010 we spoke to Heathrow and still managed to vigorously oppose expansion – public meetings, forming the 2M group along with Hillingdon and Wandsworth, funding research, lobbying government and political parties, planting an apple orchard on the site of Heathrow's proposed third runway with Grrenpeace etc etc.  All this was done with the support of all political groups on the Council and was led by Barbara Reid on our side and Ruth Cadbury for the Labour Party. 

Cllr Peter Thompson

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