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Topic: Re:Devonshire Road newsagent closing
Posted by: Denis Fox
Date/Time: 14/09/15 10:51:00

Best wishes to Peter Patel, his wife Kim and son who have given such loyal and smiling service to Chiswickians.
His friends will not miss his endless proclamations on the greatness of Sachin Tendulcar ( he's an Indian cricketer apparently), and morose mumblings over pints of lager about modern society in general.
Some people may not know that Peter was president of the Hammersmith branch of the Rotary club in 2012/13. He has helped raise thousands and thousands of pounds over 30 years going towards good causes, including Great Ormand Sreet hospital, Moorfields Eye hospital, Help for Heroes, Alzheimers, Heart Foundation, Poppy Appeal.
Good luck in the future Peter.  

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