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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Bathroom showrooms
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 11/09/15 21:37:00

No idea if you want Starck or Victorian style, suggest to trawl the main manufacturers websites, find a style you like, and call round to see who stocks it cheapest. I'd advise go as big as you can on the sink (and think about depth - do you actually want to ever fill it, if not shallow 'looks nice' and gives mote cabinet space underneath on a floating mount.

Also go ££ if you can on the taps. The taps make the difference on a sink.
I personally have Bathstore in the kids bathroom, and it works fine, but Grohe taps. And some funky German cabinets sourced from Bathroom Discount† in Fulham as already mentioned. Hope† that helps.

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