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Topic: Re:Photograph 51
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 09/09/15 09:43:00

Aw gawd. Do I have to? The thought of Nicole Kidman playing Rosalind sends shivers down the spine. Although looking on the bright side, she can't do any worse that Juliet Stevenson who played her as a scowling feminist... But yeah, I'll probably brave it..

Did you know it was Gosling (died earlier this year) who actually took that wonderful photo? I've one of the six original copies hanging on the wall. They were all left to Aaron Klug who was her PhD student when she moved to Birkbeck. She also left Aaron (another genius and national treasure) enough money to buy his first house.

BTW Despite the claim on the advert, it's not a new play. It was done in New York a few years back

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