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Topic: Re:Pet Problem
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 08/09/15 22:31:00

Your cat may be being stressed by not being able to navigate the room without going on the floor where the dog is.  The chasing is the cat trying to get the dog to move out of the cat's space.  If you try and arrange some surfaces so that the cat does not have to get down onto the floor to move around your flat, you could find that this calms your tom and jerry drama down!  And make sure the cat has somewhere it can rest that is higher up that the dog can't get to it.

For example, being able to move from the back of the sofa to a shelf on a bookcase to a windowsill onto a side table etc.  Have a look at Jackson Galaxy's site though his "catification" is a bit extreme - you don't need to be that bought into it to start to make some changes by looking at your room and thinking "where does the cat HAVE to go onto the floor and try to change that.

On the other hand - it could just be how the cat is choosing to get its daily exercise!!!  But I doubt it!

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