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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:CPZ Strand On The Green
Posted by: Cllr Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 07/09/15 15:45:00

"At long last we can vote YES to a CPZ for The Strand." -

The whole ward including Strand on the Green was included in previous consultations except that for a CPZ in Park Road and part of Staveley Road.

There are a number of reasons why your local councillors have again requested a full consultation at this time but the three key ones are;

1. A consultation of residents has already been carried out in a small number of streets that petitioned for an extension of the existing CPZ because of parking problems created by the original flawed one and a half road scheme. Councillors argued that they could not make a decision on the results of this consultation without knowing what other residents thought.

2. Large new developments around Kew Bridge on the borders of the ward have massively increased the pressure on parking in the west end of the ward. More large housing developments have planning approval and approval has been given for a 20,000 seater stadium employing 600 staff and a 160 bed hotel ..... 

3. Canvassing in 2014 and 2015 ahead of the General Election revealed to your Councillors that there had been a significant increase in support for an extension of the CPZ particularly in the west end of the ward. 

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