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Topic: Re:9/11 Conspiracies
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 06/09/15 18:37:00

I expect this will be a programme where we’re led to believe it’s unbiased by showing different sides to the story, but leaning more towards the official story as it goes on, finally ending in questioning anyone who doubts it. Well the official story has already been disproven by architects, engineers, aviation experts, scientists and other researchers. Almost everything claimed has been proven to be, not only untrue, but physically impossible.

In a nutshell: No planes crashed on 9/11 – we were shown imagery of some form hence impossible speeds, impossible manoeuvres, impossible physics at impact with the towers, missing wings in some shots, and no reflective qualities apparent in the images, not even in direct sunlight. A hole was blown out of a field in Shanksville. A hole was blown out of the Pentagon with bombs and/or a missile, and the towers were explosively destroyed with advanced weaponry – weaponry that destroyed over 1,400 vehicles within a ½ mile radius of the towers as they were subjected to a phenomena, causing engines to disintegrate and whole vehicles to self-combust. Fire engines were even thrown about like toys, and oxygen tanks on-board exploded. Dr. Judy Wood explains in her book ‘Where Did The Towers Go’ that this phenomena was caused by the vehicles being subjected to an energy field, the same energy field which caused the Twin Towers to demolecularize in a matter of seconds and, largely, blow away in the wind. 

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