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Topic: Hungary
Posted by: Janine Jarvis
Date/Time: 05/09/15 11:45:00

I'm so disappointed after reading the Guardian's 'news coverage' of the situation in Hungary, which consists of one-sided descriptions and what is verging on emotional pornography... Almost 150,000 refugees have entered Hungary, 80% of them young men, and only 20-25% of them from Syria.

Funnily enough, supplies are not unlimited, and you can't blame the government for failing to support the needs of thousands of unprecedented refugees, who are literally filling the streets, and refusing to go to the camps where as much food, medical supplies and shelter are being provided as is economically possible.

Perhaps the article should fully address some of the questions raised by the refugees being interviewed, instead of using them to create emotional contagion : "Why does Hungary keep us here when they don’t have the money to look after us?" Because it is against EU regulations to let them go.

Merkel says that European countries must share the responsibility, and so they should. Hopefully she will step up and claim some, before the situation gets out of hand here in Budapest. Why is the Guardian so angry at Victor Orbán - for trying to feed refugees? For not sending them to Germany because Germany has told him to keep them? This is a perfect example of how we are being manipulated by the media.

We DON'T need this sort of propaganda to stir empathy for the refugees - who doesn't already pity them? Please do not direct your anger at Hungary, direct it at those who started this mess in the first place. Think twice about what you are reading, and why it has been written. Peace ✌

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