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Posted by: Claudia Jachtmann
Date/Time: 04/09/15 18:42:00

'Difference between fatherland and motherland

[F] How can there be two names fatherland and motherland, although they mean almost the same thing?

[A] Homeland refers to the country from which one comes to the people, nation you belong, which one feels he belongs; Country as the home of a people: our V .; the German V .; the V. of the French (see Duden -.. German explanatory dictionary, 6th Ed Mannheim 2007).

Homeland exists in Germans already very long: the Old High German (750-1050) form faterlant proves this, see etymological dictionary of the German, Wolfgang Pfeifer (ed.), Berlin 1993..

Motherland contrast represents a country where something native, has its origin and has gained wide acceptance: England, the M. of parliamentarism (see Duden - German explanatory dictionary, 6th Ed Mannheim of 2007..). As a mother country which is also the country with which there is a dependence or affiliation of a territory physical segregation ("The United Kingdom England is the motherland of his colony, the Falkland Islands," see.

The importance> country where the mother lives, or has lived, birthplace
When the motherland has become established in the German language, can not be conclusively clarified, at least in Johann Adelung: The Collaborative International Dictionary of the High German dialect, Wien 1807 ff is the term already listed..

The native language in meaning 'the language in which a person is born and grows up in the he
Motherland and fatherland are therefore seen as analogies, syntactically so similar, semantically but they go very far apart.'

from GfdS (German Language Society)

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