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Topic: stadium development consultation
Posted by: Liz Hagerty
Date/Time: 31/08/15 16:51:00

Residents being rushed and harrassed. Hounslow trying to pull one over but at least the official examiner of the proposed Hounslow Local Plan Robert Mellor has spotted some of their antics and found it severely inadequate and imprecise. Changes will be up for consultation UNTIL 2018 (too late for Kew Bridge area?)!
He says "There are also other outstanding issues for the area [not covered] including:† the need to identify which parts of the area are or are not suitable for tall buildings;† how
to address noise and air pollution;† and the delivery of improved public transport and connectivity to support economic growth." He says there is confusion "as to what residential development is or is not committed in the area by the Local Plan". AND "it is evident from the Councilís statements and supporting evidence that the Area Action Plan is not intended to simply add detail to the strategy already set out in the Local Plan; it is instead to allow for significant future modifications to that strategy." The exact opposite of what an AAP is there for.†

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