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Topic: National debt hits 1.5 trillion
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 23/08/15 11:47:00

Don't forget to continue to vote Tory because they're Really Serious about the deficit and that, having managed to keep the rise in national debt to a mere 100% since 2010, when it was 760 billion.

Yes, obviously 'austerity' was all nonsense to justify dismantling the state for profit, but you'd think more people than just Lord Ashcroft would consider that the Chancellor failing on his own yardstick and flagrantly lying about it was worthy of comment. People used to resign for less. Still, it'll make the eventual tortuous self-justification from Osborne's pet journalists when the crash finally comes more interesting to watch, although preferably from another country.

The most worrying thing is that if there is a global recession any time soon we're completely out of options - can't cut interest rates any more, can't (won't) borrow for economic stimulus, can't continue cutting more and more, can't raise taxes because you promised you wouldn't, can't export our way to growth because we've somehow accidentally adopted a strong pound policy in a world struggling for growth...

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