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Topic: Re:Hotmail
Posted by: Andy Rooney
Date/Time: 21/08/15 16:28:00

Re getting people to stop using the Hotmail account, it sounds as if your friends are using a mail client like Outlook which remembers addresses you've sent to before.

They'll need to delete your Hotmail account from their Outlook to prevent it coming up, but if they can't be bothered to scroll down to your live address they probably can't be bothered to delete your Hotmail from their Outlook memory.

If they're willing to do it, in Outlook 2010 it's just a case of typing the first couple of letters of your address in the 'to' box, which brings up a list of suggestions, and then clicking the delete symbol next to the one they want to delete.  Microsoft being Microsoft, the procedure is different in different versions of Outlook, but that's the general idea.

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