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Topic: Speedy Hounslow Highways
Posted by: Iris Hill
Date/Time: 16/08/15 17:37:00

Yesterday I reported some blocked drain covers in our road to HH, and fly tipping by the litter bin on Harvard Hill. There was a large black bin bag with the contents strewn across the pavement there. This morning (Sunday) HH cleared the drain covers and cleared up the fly tipped bag and contents. I think this is impressive.

It does raise a dilemma though. It took me a lot of effort to get the litter bin installed and it has been very successful so that the underpass is pretty clean most of the time. However the bin now attracts people to put their household rubbish in it which fills it up,(I think it must be emptied every two days). Even when it is empty though people are leaving bin bags beside it, which is lovely for the foxes. Any ideas for stopping this practice? (polite and non violent please!)

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