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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 14/08/15 15:44:00

Andrew, you should be careful when suggesting or being patronising to any woman that they do not know their left from their right or offside from nearside.

Just so you have it straight, I was in the righthand lane of 3 on the elevated section of the M3/A316 adjacent to the waterworks and doing the legal 50mph when the Renault driver in front suddenly drifted right into my carriageway causing me to break hard and swerve to the right to avoid an impact and thereby hitting the kerb of the central reservation on the offside - yes, on the driver's side.

As I will be driving to the north of Scotland in a few weeks, I think I should have the tracking and balance of the wheels checked.

Fortunately, or otherwise, I caught up with the Renault at the next set of traffic lights and took a photograph of the car and the number plate.  Should this prove to be an expensive exercise, I shall ensure that the driver gets a letter asking him to pay for the damage he unnecessarily caused.

In case you have not realised yet, I am very miffed as I had new tyres, wheel balancing and tracking checked a few months before when my car was serviced for MOT and insurance.

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