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Topic: Re:Rugby/Football Fields Dukes Meadows
Posted by: David Tyler
Date/Time: 10/08/15 15:24:00

CRFC organised the movement of huge mounds of earth and rubble placed by the side of their Clubhouse before 2001 two Friday's ago. This rubble was already on site when Old Meadonians took over the management and maintenance of Riverside Lands in 2001. The main reason for this movement was security issues for both Clubs. In recent weeks OMFC have had a tractor trashed, a tractor driven out to the middle of the fields and a situpon mower driven into a tree trunk and crashed into a fence. CRFC have had their brick built bunker broken into regularly in the last year and valuable stock or equipment removed. In order to have two secure containers near the Rugby pitches this area had to be cleared. Placing by the continually damaged fencing on that side seemed the best solution as this will eventually green up the same way the previous six mounds had. This extra obstacle will hopefully deter vandals who care not a jot for local community sport Clubs costs. OMFC costs due to vandalism just this year is over 1500.00. It does look awful at this time, but, given time will look like the six mounds that have attracted no comments.

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