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Posted by: Pat Smith
Date/Time: 09/08/15 09:34:00

Energy Therapists will be at the London Buddhist Vihara, The Avenue, W4 1UD on Monday, 10th August, between 11am and 1pm (last session 12.45). 

The session takes about 15-20 minutes and I am sure that you will feel really good at the end of that time, with lots of vital energy to enable you to enjoy the rest of your day, at least.

A number of therapists come in each month and give their services free.  The Vihara kindly allow us to use the hall at no charge so a donation is most welcome  -  all donations are given to the Vihara.

These sessions are not related to any religion, everyone is welcome.

If you want more information, give me a call: 0203 719 4668

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