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Topic: Re:Solar Control Window Films - any opinions?
Posted by: Christopher Bell
Date/Time: 06/08/15 11:15:00

About 20 or 30 years ago I purchased some semi-silvered 50% reflective film and fitted it on the inside of my porch. It works well as a mirror as long as the inside is darker than the outside. Get advice from the supplier on whether it is suitable for your double glazing as it could cause the glass to overheat and crack. It is not easy to fit without a few air bubbles, make sure everything is perfectly clean and dust free, suggest cutting it large enough to go behind any rubber seals, and if possible remove them while you are fitting the sheet, wet the glass first with very dilute washing up liquid and use a fairly hard "rubber" roller to flatten it onto the glass. It should reflect heat and light from either direction. Different grades are available, even heavy enough to provide vandal and explosion protection by holding broken glass together. I collected mine from a company in High Barnet.

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