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Topic: La Mancha closing
Posted by: Nik Solomon
Date/Time: 06/08/15 09:11:00

It's real shame when an independent restaurant closes hopefully another independent will open.
Although I have to say that I never really fancied it as I often read the menu and realised with just two people you could only get about 4-5 dishes max as the portion sizes are just way too big. Would work better with 4 people or more so really limits their market. The big enjoyment of Tapas in my opinion is lots of small dishes.
I finally went last week and the food was very average. We ordered some bread with tomatoes on and 4 other dishes which I can barely remember. The bread portion itself was enough to nearly fill us both up. Then iberico ham at 14.50 was good ham but enough for 3-4. I don't want to pay that much when I don't even want that much ham. I think the whole model of large portion Tapas was doomed from the start.

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