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Topic: A solution for nasty blackspot lichens on garden paving stones
Posted by: Larry Miller
Date/Time: 05/08/15 18:08:00

Before I outline the problem and the solution, I want to make it clear I have no connection to this company, am not given commission or anything like that. This is strictly a consumer review.

I’m in Grove Park. A number of years ago we had our garden paved with beautiful Indian sandstone. Many had fossils imbedded, many different colours. Really beautiful.  But despite power washing, using over the counter solutions, they became really disgusting. Black lichens spread across them like the plague.

Last weekend I had the paving power sprayed and again it made no difference. I went online and found the appropriately named ‘Black Spot Company.”

I saw their 'before and after' pictures and their video and was of course  skeptical, because everyone else says there is no cure lichens. Well,there is, I bit the bullet and arranged for them to come out. After five hours, I had my original garden back. All the blackspot lichens were gone. A side note,the guy who  did the work was communicative and a joy to have around, who we were glad to give an unexpected tip.

They have two deals…buy the solution and apply yourself 4 litres covers 20 sq meters
or £12 per square meter including vat for them to come out and do it for you. I chose the latter.
The difference is amazing. Then every year you buy a preservative put it down yourself and it is said to prevent lichens from returning.

If anyone is interested I’m happy to provide before and after pictures…and for the real skeptics you can come and see for yourself …this is their  website and they have an embedded video

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