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Topic: Getting to Portsmouth and back ...
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 02/08/15 20:57:00

I need to go to Portsmouth on Tuesday and need to be there by 8.00, returning to Chiswick in the afternoon. I could drive there but I will not be able to drive myself back and I won't be able to use public transport to get back either. Because its relatively short notice, my friends/family are all working so can't help, does anyone know any less expensive alternatives to regular taxi cab companies who are quoting me 120 each way please? I've got quote from, individual taxi company quotes and airport transfer companies whose rates jump from 80 to 135 as soon as I don't want to come from / go to Heathrow itself.

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Getting to Portsmouth and back ...02/08/15 20:57:00 Louise Cole
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