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Topic: Re:PPI Claims - is this a scam ?
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 01/08/15 10:31:00

Yesterday I had a phone call from a nice Indian gentleman who told me I would be able to claim over 900 from HFC for a mis-sold PPI on a home improvements loan I took out in August 2005 and paid off in July 2009. He knew my name and address, the amount of the loan, and gave me an agreement number.

So I checked my records to confirm what I thought was the case, that I had not taken out any such loan, and told him so. He told me I must have forgotten and told me he would put me on to a colleague and all I had to do was confirm the details. I told the colleague my records had no details of any such loan and he put me back to the first bloke who seemed disappointed in me (!) After he rang off I checked out HFC, which is a legitimate subsidiary of HSBC, to whom the agreement number meant nothing (no surprise there).

There is obviously some sort of scam going on here, but I can't fathom out how it is supposed to work - can anyone else ? Apart from anything else, where do these people get their information from ?

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