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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Facebook techy support
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 25/07/15 19:15:00

It has been a while so try out this below,i have just tried it and the first person is someone i do know and i certainly don't have them as a friend or mutual friend,neither have i ever communicated with them. Must use chrome.

Log into your Facebook page and open your Facebook again in another tab. On the first Facebook tab very far left in the blank part right click and select view page source.

  Once that comes up press Ctrl + F and a little box will come up.Enter the words initialchatfriendslist and press enter.

Now your source will highlight that part. You will then see after those words in order numbers like  "1451555041-2". You copy the number only without the -1 or -2 so the above will be 1451555041 only. In your second tab open for facebook delete your name in address and paste that number and hit search.

So the search will be as follows. That will take you to the persons Facebook page. The order of people visiting your Facebook page are in order from top to bottom.
the correct way. Blank results i think are either accounts closed or accounts that have blocked you. Not sure which one or maybe its both.

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