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Topic: Re:Re:'Touchless' card query
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 22/07/15 07:49:00

"Buy them an Oyster card.It's cheaper than travel cards"

Um, contactless debit/credit cards are the same fare as Oyster.

Answer: theoretically yes, so long as the card is recognised, which is occasionally a problem with foreign issued ones, so the best I can offer is 'try it and see'.

Obviously on a bus if you try it and it doesn't work and you don't have an Oyster you're stuffed, as you can't now pay cash. Also remember the  limitation of one use per bus per card; someone else can't pay for you with the contactless card they just used.

In short:
1) Get an Oyster, try the card, if it works use the card and return the Oyster/keep it for occasional use
2) Try the card on a bus for a short journey where a walk is a good alternative, if it works, fine; if it doesn't, walk.

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