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Topic: Re:Re:Empire House
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 20/07/15 12:15:00

That's simply completely untrue Elizabeth, whilst more often than not I promote development proposals many times I act on behalf of individuals, groups and organisations in objecting to proposals.  I acted on behalf of a group in objecting to the Brentford FC application, and indeed over the weekend was working on a third party appeal representation supporting a Council refusal.

I do find the suggestion that I give the impression of being a Council spokesperson rather patronising, the simple fact is that as a professional in the relevant field of expertise I know the ins and outs of planning considerations and the associated legal remit, which I always tend to concentrate upon rather than subjective judgement about design, appearance and such like. 

I have a rather unique position in that over the years I've sat on four different sides of a rather unusually shaped fence, I've been a Council planner, I've been a planning manager for a major housebuilder, I've been a consultant acting both in favour and in opposition to development proposals, and I've always been a local resident.

Indeed, sometimes when I read threads on both this forum and TW8 about development I opt not to post, because whilst I know the poster is talking absolute nonsense (often citing issues that legally cannot be taken into consideration, like the identity of an applicant) I also know there is little point me pointing that out as then I will be accused of favouring developers.

For instance lack of parking is always a favourite objection for residents to cite, but the planning policy position nowadays is very much sided towards minimum off-street parking provision and greater encouragement towards public transport and other sustainable alternatives, but most residents rarely listen to that.

Regarding the Local Plan, which of course isn't even adopted at the present time but does nonetheless carry weight in determining applications, many policies are generally subject to interpretation and/or rely on adequate justification being provided, and more often than not residents take a contrary view to Officers about whether such justification has been provided. 

Additionally, it is rare to come across any scheme that rigidly adheres to every single planning policy or associated guidance, there is nearly always some failing or discrepency in a scheme, but the decision maker (be it a Council Officer, a Planning Committee or an appeal Inspector) has to consider the complete planning merits of the proposals as a whole, and also in the case of Officers and Councillors whether any failing or objection could be sustained/supported on appeal.

Specifically on the Empire House scheme from what I've seen many objectors were completely unaware that the office block already benefits from prior approval to be converted into flats (i.e. without requiring planning permission) and as an established fallback position that carries substantial weight when determining any planning application for the site.

I'm not saying that I think the scheme is great, but it's my view that the issues are wholly subjective, hence why I do not believe the JR will succeed.

And just to go back to your post, I know I don't have to tell you this but both Councils, planning regulations and Local Plans are not put in pace solely to protect residents, they are intended to balance the benefits of development with the amenities of existing communities (don't take this as an endorsement that they always do however !).

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