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Topic: Tennis Courts - Springfield Road
Posted by: Nigel Bell
Date/Time: 19/07/15 10:47:00

Hi, does anyone know what the situation is with the 3 x tennis courts?

Who runs them or is in charge?

I try to play regularly and understand it's a no booking facility. I just go with a book and wait my turn. More recently, some people appear to lack common decency and just keep playing and playing, irrespective of people waiting. I've just encountered individuals arriving and swapping with other players in doubles matches.

The pro takes a court up, so we're down to 2 available. I know he gets paid so does he pay for his court?

Whenever I am on court and see people waiting, I go and let them know how long I'll be and limit it to a max of 60 mins from when they turned up; irrespective of the score.

It's a great "free" amenity, but I feel some people are taking advantage and lack manners.


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