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Topic: 7/7 The Facts
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 17/07/15 12:55:00

JW, I’d only made reference to some evidence concerning 7/7 when you joined the thread on 13/07/15 at 11.08, ignored all evidence referred to and went straight into ‘conspiracy’ mode with stuff like “In the process, real human tragedy is made into a plaything, fodder for feverish speculation that does no real epistemic or practical work” accompanied with a link where we could find the material, which was not relevant to the evidence I ‘d posted. This makes you rude and ignorant.

Regarding Peter Power: Firstly, the fact that there was a crisis management team in place to deal with bombs going off on three tube trains anywhere near the affected stations on the morning of 7/7 is enough to make anyone think, especially as it was Peter Power, who’d featured in a BBC Panorama programme a year prior, where they were rehearsing London’s reaction to a ‘terror’ attack, which assumed bombs going off on three tube trains followed by a bomb going off on a road vehicle. On the day of 7/7, Peter Power claimed that he was running an exercise that assumed “simultaneous” bombs going off at “precisely” the same tube locations as where the bombs went off. This would mean at the three stations, which his drills were based on. Furthermore, he stated “simultaneous” bombs, when on the day of 7/7, the bombs were reported as going off over a period of time. It was days before the bombs were reported as going off simultaneously, yet Power’s drill even matched what was finally confirmed days later. Don’t you find all of this odd? I do. Anthony John Hill obviously did because he decided to investigate the events and put the evidence together in an internet film, which, seemingly, didn’t go down well with the government because they tried to imprison him over his use of it; and I suspect it was the government that was behind the BBCs 7/7 ‘Conspiracy Files’ programme, which attempted to lure the viewer into believing that the programme was impartial, and treated both narratives fairly in the beginning, but as the programme went on, it became clear that the viewer was being guided down a chosen path, and towards the end, those that questioned the government narrative were described as having “ugly heads”! It was in this biased programme where it was then claimed that Power’s drill featured just two of the three locations where bombs went off. This seems to contradict what he said on the day. Having said that, I don’t rule out the possibility of just two of the three affected stations featuring in Power’s drill, although on the day of 7/7, he not only used the word ‘precisely’ (the same train locations) but he emphasised that word. In any event – two or three of the stations, I find the whole Peter Power thing highly suspicious; although Power may have unwittingly been put in place to get the clean-up swiftly underway after the explosions, in the same way as the four patsies were packed off to the bomb sites. 

I agree that my claim about the authorities organising the drills is not supported by any evidence. At the time of 7/7, Power refused to say on whose behalf the drills were carried out on. Years later, he said it was Reed Elsevier, which may or may not be true; and even if true, may still have, ultimately, been arranged by the authorities. I consider this to be a strong possibility, having reviewed a considerable amount of other evidence from that day, which I have shared on here before. I have posted this evidence, again, along with my comments. This evidence shows that there is no case against the accused, with zero evidence to even place them at the bomb sites (forget DNA – they could get that from their home, car, anywhere). All available evidence suggests that they were set up as concluded by Intelligence Analyst, Tony Farrell.

If you or anyone else finds any content below to be incorrect, please advise as I want it to represent the day’s events as accurately as possible:

Were the accused really guilty, or were they duped into believing that they were participating in a mock terror drill being exercised that day?

Let’s first look at the broad accusations made of the accused, and then compare the claims with the available evidence.

The four accused were claimed to have travelled on the 07.40am Luton to King’s Cross Thameslink train before finding their way on to 3 separate underground trains and a bus, blowing them up and killing themselves, along with 52 commuters, using homemade explosives. The authorities claimed that the accused were traced back to Luton Train Station after being seen on CCTV at King’s Cross Thameslink.

Now, let’s compare, broadly, the known facts relating to these accusations:

• The 07.40am Luton to King’s Cross train was cancelled that day, so the accused could not possibly have been on it. The next train was also cancelled. A train did depart Luton for King’s Cross at 07.42am, which was the delayed 07.30am train, but there were further delays along the track, meaning that it didn’t arrive at King’s Cross Thameslink until 08.39am, which is too late for the accused to have detonated bombs on the tube trains at 08.50am. Due to this fact, the government was forced to concede in 2006 that their claim made in the official report about the accused boarding the 07.40am was untrue and, instead, claimed that the accused had boarded a train that departed Luton at 07.25am. If the authorities had really investigated the journeys of the accused, how could they possibly get something as critical, yet so simple, as this completely wrong? The official report refers to the behaviour of the accused on the 07.40am Luton to King’s Cross train, as described by other passengers. Really? Did these passengers not know that they were actually on the 07.25am train? A possible reason for claiming the accused had boarded the 07.40am train is that the script had already been written and they overlooked the fact that the 07.40am train had been cancelled; or they foresaw the obvious problems in claiming that the accused had boarded the 07.25am train having already released a CCTV still-shot of the accused entering Luton Station at 07.22am

• The authorities claimed that the accused had been traced back to Luton Train Station on Tuesday 12th July (as stated in the official report), after a CCTV monitoring team had identified them as suspects at King’s Cross Thameslink on Monday 11th July but, at the Inquest, Ms Gallagher, Counsel for the bereaved, noticed that the Luton CCTV viewing paper showed a commencing viewing date of Sunday 10th July, the day before the authorities had claimed to have first seen them on CCTV at King’s Cross Thameslink. What possible reason would there be for the authorities to be viewing CCTV of Luton Train Station before they had seen the accused on CCTV at King’s Cross Thameslink? And what excuse is there for providing false information about the CCTV viewing order? The Court transcripts relating to the CCTV viewing discussion can be found in the National Archives at the website address below – Pages 5,10, 64,65:

• French anti-terrorism expert, Christophe Chaboud, who was called in to help with the investigation, informed both The Independent and The Times that he’d identified the bombs used at all four bomb sites as being sophisticated, with the explosives being a high-grade unusual variant of the military plastic explosive C4, and probably linked to timers (not peroxide boiled up in a saucepan with black pepper as claimed by the government). Chaboud’s evaluation was shared by Scotland Yard’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Brian Paddick, and other explosives experts. Vincent Cannistraro, former head of the CIA’s anti-terrorism centre, told The Guardian that two unexploded bombs were also recovered as well as mechanical timing devices. If the accused had taken pepper bombs along with them, which they made in the bathtub at home, then who planted the military grade bombs on the bus and trains? Witnesses say that the detonating bombs produced a bright white/yellow flash, which the bombs that the accused are claimed to have used do not.

We can see from the above that there is no evidence to support the broad claims made of the accused; so let’s look at things in more detail. A Public Inquiry would have done this for us, but new legislation, conveniently brought in just a month prior to 7/7 meant that Tony Blair could prevent such an inquiry if he wanted to; and he did. Therefore, we have to conduct our own Inquiry from the evidence we have to go on. So:

Other information that may help us determine what really happened on 7/7:

• Principal Intelligence Analyst, Tony Farrell, who had held this position with South Yorkshire Police for 12 years, produced a yearly strategic threat assessment matrix to determine how the police force should prioritise its activities. Farrell was sacked after analysing the events of 7/7 and concluding that the biggest threat came from the government

• A year prior to the bombings, a BBC Panorama programme, featuring ‘anti-terror’ guests, an MP and Peter Power of Visor Consultants, a security company that helps clients with crisis management, discussed how the authorities would react and how the BBC ‘will’ respond in the event of a ‘likely’ terrorist attack on London, and the assumed scenario was the blowing up of 3 tube trains followed by the blowing up of a road vehicle. Now, not only is it an amazing coincidence that this scenario is exactly what happened on 7/7, but Peter Power and his crisis management team were rehearsing this exact same scenario, using the exact same train locations on the same morning of the bombings as where the bombs went off. Here’s what he said on Radio 5 on the afternoon of 7/7: “At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning…” Coincidence?

• A week prior to 7/7, three of the accused had travelled from Luton to King’s Cross Thameslink and made their way to South Kensington Tube Station via the London Underground, where they were seen on CCTV looking around the station before returning home – the dummy run;  but organised by who? On the day of 7/7, three of the accused are alleged to have boarded 3 tube trains at King’s Cross – a Westbound Circle line train, an Eastbound Circle line train and a Southbound Piccadilly train, which all meet up within 40 minutes at South Kensington Tube Station, where they’d travelled to the week prior. Coincidence? Or had they been duped into believing that they were participating in the ‘mock’ terror drill and been told that King’s Cross Station was the starting point and that South Kensington Station would be the finishing point?

• Police claimed that the accused were unknown to them; but Nicholas Sarkozy, the then French Minister of the Interior, dropped them in it by publicly stating that they knew Khan and Tanweer through “Operation Crevice”, where they were investigating a number of alleged extremists, who they later arrested, but not Khan or Tanweer. The Police then conceded to knowing Khan and Tanweer, but why had they lied?  Were Khan and Tanweer working for them and/or MI5? Quite possibly – Sarkozy also said that one of the accused had been described at an Anglo-French security meeting in the year prior as being an asset of British Intelligence

• The Met said that their prime suspect was Haroon Rashid Aswat, and claimed that he masterminded the plot. They said he had made numerous telephone calls to the accused before leaving Heathrow for Pakistan on an early morning flight on 7/7. He was later traced to South Africa and then on to Zimbabwe, and was finally arrested whilst entering Zambia. He was deported to the UK on 6th August 2005 for questioning by the British Police in connection with the London bombings. When he arrived, however, MI6 said that he was an agent of theirs and had nothing to do with the 7/7 bombings

• The authorities had already claimed that the accused had entered Luton Station at 07.22am and, having had to change their story to say that the accused had, actually, boarded a train that departed Luton at 07.25am meant that they would have had to have departed on a train within 3 mins of entering Luton Station, which would have been quite a feat. The accused also purchased return train tickets, which is a strange thing to do for people planning to blow themselves up within a couple of hours

• Surely CCTV can confirm the movements of the accused: CCTV footage of the accused at Luton Station on the week prior is clear whereas on the day of 7/7, the footage is blurred and there are other anomalies; however, the available footage leads the viewer to believe that the accused boarded a train that departed Luton at 07.25am. CCTV footage is shown of the accused arriving at King’s Cross Thameslink but the time stamp is blurred on some shots and duplicated in others showing different times. There is a shot where the time stamp is clear and shows the accused to be at King’s Cross Thames-link at 08.26am but its authenticity is uncertain - the CCTV that is available wasn’t released for years, so there was plenty of time for it to be tampered with, if only the time stamp, to give the impression that the accused managed to board the train that departed Luton at 07.25am; plus much of the very limited CCTV footage amounts only to a ‘moving’ sequence of still shots. Police originally released just one of these still shots, which Flashmp analyzes the anomalies of at:

What about the tube platforms? The authorities claim that ALL CCTV cameras (owned by Israeli company, Verint) on ALL 3 tube platforms where the accused are alleged to have boarded the tube trains weren’t working at the time. There is also no CCTV footage of the accused in the vicinity of the tube platforms in question, or any other tube platforms that day. So what about the bus cameras? The authorities claim that ALL 4 cameras on the no.30 bus, which Hasib Hussain is accused of blowing up, weren’t working at the time. It’s claimed that Hussain boarded a no.91 bus outside King’s Cross Station to travel to Euston Square to board the no.30 bus, but the no.30 bus, had it not been diverted to Tavistock Square, would have taken him immediately back to King’s Cross Station, which seems totally illogical unless there was another reason for him to board the no.30 bus at that particular location; a possibility being that he was instructed to do so under the mock terror drill

• Khan, Tanweer and Hussain were due to travel down from Leeds to Luton on the morning of 7/7 where they would meet Lindsay, but there is evidence, which suggests that Khan may not have made the trip. His wife, Hasina, was having pregnancy complications, so he took her to Dewsbury Hospital on 5th July, where doctors discovered a ‘threatened miscarriage’ and booked her in for a scan on 7th July. Khan took her home, and then said he was going off to see his friends. This was 5th July, but Hasina said she never saw or heard from him again, yet Det Sgt Mark Stuart said at the Inquest that at 04.35am on 6th July, Khan sent a text message to Lindsay, which read: “Havin major problem cant make time will ring ya when I got it sorted wait at home.” That was the last reported communication from Khan, when further communication would have been necessary to finalize any meeting arrangements if they were all driving down to Luton together on the 7th. Hasina made her own way to the hospital on 7th July where she, unfortunately, lost the baby.

When Khan left his wife to ‘see his friends’ on 5th July, perhaps he did go to see them, or maybe he went to see his handlers to tell them that he couldn’t make the mock terror drill. In any event, he may well have been killed in Leeds on 5th or 6th July. The text message sent to Lindsay at 04.35am may have been sent by his handlers. If Khan was alive and well, there is no reasonable explanation as to why his wife, Hasina, would never hear from him again, especially with the pregnancy problems she was having and her need to get to the hospital on 7th July. There is evidence of Tanweer and Hussain travelling down to Luton by car on the morning of 7/7; they stopped for petrol at Woodall Gas Station on the M1. The manager of the Gas Station, Paul Walker, said at the Inquest that he only saw two people in the car, Tanweer and Hussain, who can be seen on CCTV where, interestingly, Tanweer is seen to be wearing white trousers but, by the time he arrives at Luton Train Station, the very dubious Luton CCTV shows him to be wearing black trousers

• The Mysterious Jaguar: CCTV shows a dark coloured Jaguar that drove up and parked in Luton station car park beside the accused’s car on the morning of 7/7, having also appeared on the morning of their so-called ‘dry run’ on June 28th 2005, parked temporarily on double yellow lines, and in the same spot. The Jaguar pulls in beside the accused’s car and on both days the CCTV footage has been edited to exclude what could be vital evidence relating to the role of the driver of this car in the 7/7 operation. The Metropolitan police released footage back in 2008, in which the Jaguar could be seen, but they have since withdrawn it. Fortunately, astute 7/7 truth campaigners, realizing the significance of the footage, made copies. The strong suspicion is that the occupants of the Jaguar were the patsies’ handlers

• On the day of 7/7, former Head of Mossad, Efraim Halevi, reported in the Jerusalem Post that the tube train bombs had detonated “simultaneously” yet, on the day, the bombs were being reported as exploding over a 50 minute period. It wasn’t until 9th July that the authorities declared that the bombs had detonated simultaneously, so how did he know this on the day of 7/7 unless he had prior knowledge of the plot? He also stated that the bombs had been detonated with “near perfect execution”. Was it not a perfect execution then? Perhaps he is referring to the fact that one of the bus’s front top corner struts failed to properly detach from the bus, possibly because a cutter charge (or saw cut) had not completely cut through the strut. The photos below show the cut and the “near perfect” execution; and remember, the ‘bomber’ is claimed to have been seated at the back of the top deck


• Amy Teibel, of the Associated Press, reported on 7/7 that Benjamin Netanyahu, the then Israeli Finance Minister, who just happened to be in London at the time, said he had been warned by Scotland Yard not to leave his hotel room on the morning of 7/7, so he cancelled his London meeting for that morning, but Scotland Yard quickly denied warning him about the pending attacks. On 10th July, the then head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, said in an interview with the German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag, that he warned Netanyahu not to leave his hotel room at 08.40am, 10 minutes before the tube blasts

• Dr. Morgan Costello was asked to visit the tube scenes at Edgware Road and Aldgate to carry out a body count. He counted 6 bodies at Edgware Road and 7 at Aldgate. These numbers should have been 7 and 8, respectively, if the accused were on the trains

• It’s not very often that we see a bus explode, and it’s not very often we see a Controlled Demolition van. On 7/7 we see a Controlled Demolition van (Kingstar) alongside a bus that’s just exploded. Coincidence? Mick Barnard, Operations Manager for Kingstar (Demolition) went on to say on the BBC’s 7/7 Conspiracy Files programme that the back of their demolition van had caved in as a result of the bus exploding; but it’s clear in the photos that there is no damage at all to their demolition van. Why did he lie about damage to their demolition van?



• Around 10.30am on the morning of 7/7, at least 2 ‘terrorists’ were reported by various news outlets, including Radio 5, as being shot dead at Canary Wharf. Coincidence? Or were these the accused that were shot dead because they failed to make the trains on time where it was planned to bomb them instead, along with other innocent people?

• All three tube trains are reported to have had large holes in the metal floors, with the Edgware Road train having three, with one distanced between 12 and 15ft away from the other two. A passenger fell into each of the holes, where one died. Such was the force of the blasts, the carriages were blown upwards and derailed, suggesting that the bombs detonated beneath the carriages

• No passengers saw any Muslims with backpacks or any unattended backpacks on the trains. Tube blast survivor, Bruce Lait, who was on the train at Aldgate said: The policeman said ‘mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was’. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody where the bomb was, or any bag.”

• The day after 7/7, London Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, announced: “If London can survive the Blitz, it can survive four miserable bombers...”  But, at that time, it was still being reported that the tube train bombs detonated over a 50 minute period, and the bus bomb an hour later; so any number of people from 1 or 2 upwards could have been responsible. Did Sir Ian Blair make a mistake by making this statement? Well he seemed to think so because he quickly corrected himself by saying “…I’m not saying there are four bombers..."  But he just had. Foreknowledge of the 4 patsies?

• Initial reports suggested that there had been a power surge on the London Underground and, perhaps, there had been and, perhaps, it was this power surge that detonated the bombs underneath the trains, possibly situated below the track. Many passengers said that they received electric shocks immediately prior to the explosions and after the explosions, and a general strange feeling. It’s also been noted that all three train explosions occurred near to electric ‘feeder’ stations, which would help ensure sufficient power to detonate the devices

• Two weeks after the bombings, a man by the name of Jean Charles de Menezes was followed by Police from his home, through his bus journey and onto a tube train, where he was shot dead by Police officers who said they thought he was a suicide bomber. They lied about his behaviour, saying he jumped over the turnstiles, but CCTV shows that he didn’t, and was actually strolling around; he even picked up a free paper in the Station to read. Pathologist Dr. Kenneth Shorrock was called to look at de Menezes’ body when it was still on the train floor. He claimed that the police officers at the scene, including the senior investigation officer, lied to him about the circumstances of de Menezes’ death (Morgan, Davis, 2008). It turned out that Menezes was a contract electrician, but no-one knows where he had been working. Did he know something, and that’s why he was murdered?

• Fayad Patel, a customer services assistant for the London Underground was on duty near the main ticket hall in King’s Cross Underground Station on the morning of 7/7, and said at the Inquest that he believes it was Jermaine Lindsay that approached him, demanding to speak to the “Duty Manager”, saying that it was “very important”, but Mr Patel is unsure about the time, but he does remember, however, that at this time, station controls had been introduced, involving the shutting off of escalators, shutting the main entrance and exit points and opening them periodically. Mr Patel said that passengers were getting angry and abusing staff as a result of these controls. Amidst these scenes, if it was Jermaine Lindsay that spoke to Mr Patel, his seemingly panicky behaviour might easily be explained if he believed he was participating in the mock terror drill, especially if he believed he was late for the drill; or maybe he just became suspicious or worried about the whole thing and wanted to speak to someone in authority who would know about the mock terror drill; but drawing such attention to himself and demanding to speak to the Duty Manager is not what one would expect of a suicide bomber

• On the day of the bombings, before any investigation had even begun, and despite no-one claiming responsibility (or ever since), Tony Blair addressed the nation via the BBC and said: “We know that these people act in the name of Islam.” Really? With no evidence?

• There were no post mortems carried out on the dead, probably because the homemade bombs that the accused are claimed to have used produce no flame or heat, yet the victims suffered burns, which post mortems would have brought attention to

• The no.30 bus had been diverted to Tavistock Square, where it stopped outside the UK Head Office of the Israeli security company, ICTS, and blew up. Coincidence? Or did some of the occupants have prior knowledge of the plot and wanted a front seat view of the bus blowing up?

• A man by the name of John Anthony Hill AKA Muad Dib made an internet film about the London bombings called ‘The Ripple Effect’, outlining much of the above, which more than questions the official story. He was arrested for ‘Perverting The Course of Justice’ after sending copies of his film to a Court where three other ‘terrorists’ were being tried in connection with 7/7. The authorities failed on five occasions to allow him to apply for bail. He was in prison for 156 days before bail was finally granted 3 days after the 7/7 Inquest. He believes that the authorities deliberately kept him out of the way of the victims’ relatives until after the Inquest. He went on to win his case against the government after a jury found him Not Guilty. The other three ‘terrorists’ being tried were also found to be Not Guilty

• Former Mossad Agent, Juval Aviv, slips up and admits to planting truck bomb on 7/7

The events of 7/7 bear all the hallmarks of a false flag operation – lots of rumours started about the ‘enemy’, patsies recruited to dupe and frame; then the murders carried out with the masses informed immediately via the mainstream media that the enemy has struck. Evidence not even required. But, as we’ve seen, when scrutinized, the claims amount to no more than lies and deception, and it’s easy to see why Blair would not allow a Public Inquiry, and why the accused were not allowed a defence team at the Inquest, where most of the real questions were not asked, and questions that were asked, were not properly answered. A defence team would have had a field day in Court based on this bungled psy-op, which went wrong for the authorities early on, with the delayed and cancelled trains and, perhaps, with Khan not being able to make the trip; but stories put out by the government via the mainstream media about such events are very convincing to most people, and that’s how easy it is for the government to control the thoughts and beliefs of the masses, to help attain their global ambitions at the cost of innocent peoples lives, so long as their false claims go unchallenged.

Much of the above information can be viewed in more detail at sites such as those given below:

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