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Topic: Night Night
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 17/07/15 01:24:00

Tonight i had a lovely drink in the Tabard garden followed by another drink in the Tabard garden and then one more for the road. I then proceeded to have another drink in the Roebuck garden followed by another drink in the Tabard garden.(TEXT COMMUNICATION ERROR). By this time i was so thirsty i proceeded to the George for a nice pint in their garden feet up with friends and lovely thoughts for weekend ahead.

Then all of a sudden it was all down hill from then onwards. I was collared by MB'S partner in crime over more blooming conspiracy theories. With lightning starting to strike in the distance and the worry that i was standing next to someone with a tin foil hat i had no alternative but to make a sharp getaway before things got nasty and smelly. I got as far as the top of TGT before bumping into my daughter returning from a wonderful night out at Somerset House (No idea what).

Promising her a drink as one would naturally do but not realizing the time all beer gardens were suddenly of limits. Just for one moment i thought all had turned out nice and for the better.

If it had not been for that one last blooming conspiracy theory i would have got that one special drink in on time.

Blooming conspiracy theories and to think its not even Friday yet.


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