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Topic: Re:Shredded paper
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 16/07/15 16:21:00

Here is the official info:

Above is the good downloadable guide that LBH have on their website which is pre-wheelie.  The info for instance for the food waste bin can be printed and laminated and stuck on the fridge door (if not integrated) or inside a cupboard door to help everybody in the household take part.  It is easier if it is a team effort.

Lots of info here:

You can put some in the bottom of your food waste bin to help soak up any liquid.  Lining your food waste bin helps the contents to slide out of the bin better leaving it cleaner.

You can also put it in a composter or wormery.

Shredding paper devalues it for paper recycling as the length of fibres is important.  It also blocks sorting machines and flies away in the street if not contained.

So don't shred more than you have to!

I always put mine in a reused carrier bag that is see-through enough for it to be obvious what is in there - the  goes straight from lining the shredder bin to the green box. LBH info says only one bag per week - but read the info in the pdf above.

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