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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Dishwasher repairs
Posted by: Christian Petzny
Date/Time: 14/07/15 13:26:00

Hmmm, Chris came to take a look at my washing machine. He then immediately refused to help get it out of its cabinet (it's integrated). It only took me ten minutes to pull it out, but by then he'd gone to another job.

He returned a couple of days later and after some tinkering diagnosed a broken lock or main circuit board. He then promised to order a replacement lock, but instead of returning with the new lock, he returned a few days later with three or four other locks that looked nothing like the original. He then concluded it must be the main circuit board and he promised to call me back with a price.

Said call never came and we have since ordered a new machine. While Diamond Domestics were always courteous on the phone, it was always me chasing them. Not a single promised call was ever returned, nor did they ever do what they promised they would do.

So in conclusion, I will not be calling Diamond Domestics again.

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