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Topic: Re:iPhone 5c Screen Repair
Posted by: Simon Fenn
Date/Time: 13/07/15 19:16:00

1. The guy in the Pop-up stall outside the Newsagents (opp TG): Ummmm?; no longer entirely convinced about him; 3GS screen replacement was ok but his replacement screen was from cheaper end of spectrum and could probably have done neater job fitting it myself. Unlocking process on 3 phones complete joke so he's relegated to the 'chancer with iffy associations so best avoided' classification.

2. Screen repair outfit found online which you can also visit in person (if in Rickmansworth!) - Fone (sic)Angels . Avoid like the plague - probably linked in some way to Soni jewellers as just as dodgy.
This was a salutory lesson in doing your due dilligence and not believing the glowing testimonials of apparently legitimate customers onsite - they're made up.
Long story short: two phones sent for replacement screens. One returned after 10 days and pretty average repair; iPhone 5S had new screen but couldn't be charged up! All this after both phones  apparently required the replacement of 'other sensors' which 'might' have been damaged - all extra to the original cost they quoted.

Phone still not sorted after return and further 2 weeks so now my deadline for resolution passed it's now a Small Claims issue - cost of original repair plus new phone.

So anyone thinking of using 'Fone Angels' do NOT - it is a scam.

Frankly, after all my issues with iffy screen repairs it's take them to Apple and pay a bit extra for a professional job. Or, spend couple of hours watching YouTube tutorials and do it yourself.

In the words of Holly "Hope that helps" !

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