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Topic: Re:Re:Runway protestors at LHR
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 13/07/15 13:25:00

" would probably just be easier for a few ISIS suicide bombers to detonate themselves inside a crowded airport terminal..."

Or even on the plane. Recent security tests in the USA (June 2015) tried to get 70 undercover officers, carrying various weapons / fake explosives / fake bombs taped to their backs / other various contraband, through security screenings at different USA airports.

Despite various alarms being set off, and many of the undercover officers being patted down, they succeeded in 67 out of the 70 tests. That's getting (fake) guns and explosives all the way through security, right to the departure gate.

Just shows what a load of old tosh all this daft screening and security pretence is. They managed to steal (I mean, confiscate) my expensive cycling track repair kit off me (= super birthday present for someone's son), but they can't catch people with plastic explosives taped all over their body.

OK this was the good ole US of A, but I think we can assume we are no better.

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