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Topic: Exceptional Tabard production
Posted by: Roger Llewellyn
Date/Time: 11/07/15 12:53:00

There is an exceptional piece of highly professional work currently being presented, until August 8th, at our delightful local Theatre , The Tabard.
Joe Calarco’s   excellent and original, “Shakespeare’s  R & J. ,”  is performed by four unusually talented young actors, James Burman, Alexander Morris, Richard Hall, and  Jeremy Franklin, all of whom have had experience at Stratford on Avon , with the RSC. They are skilfully directed by  Christopher Harvey.
With a simple, effective set, from Thom Harvey-Ball, and with some inspired lighting, a rare performance level is created, which would be the envy of any of our major theatre companies.... were they even able to achieve such delightfully  fresh performances.
The setting is  a classroom for  bored public school  boys, who find, and  surprisingly relish, a copy of the Bard’s  Romeo & Juliet.
They are inspired  to act the play, in the course of which they  discover  previously unsuspected elements of themselves and their essential natures.
There are a few innocuous kisses from the ‘lovers’ , but there is nothing remotely gay about this play. The  women are simply played by young men , just as they would have been in Elizabethan times.
It is  thrilling , moving, dramatic,  surprising, - ( short !) and a quite astonishing piece of  work from such a young group of actors, clearly destined for future success.
All of W4 should queue to see it...and  the Tabard is surprisingly cool !! Even when full,....  which it will be for this production. *****

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