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Topic: Re:Gridlock it is!  n/m
Posted by: Mary Oppe
Date/Time: 11/07/15 12:26:00

Probably not helped by Hammersmith Bridge closure for southbound traffic.

From TfL:

"Last updated 11:28 Saturday 11 July 2015 : Southbound traffic should use an alternative crossing. Northbound traffic is slow on approach with queues back towards Lonsdale Road.
Works | Borough

[A306] Hammersmith Bridge (All Directions) at the junction of Hammersmith Bridge Road and Castelnau - Restrictions including the use of temporary signals due to works taking place on the bridge. At present, the bridge is closed southbound. (It remains open northbound). The diversion for vehicle is Westbound onto the A4 to the A316 Burlington Lane, Chiswick Bridge onto the A205."

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