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Topic: Re:car clubs - a question
Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 10/07/15 13:59:00

I got rid of my car about 10 years ago and have been using ZipCar (originally called StreetCar) when I've needed to.

Nothing but positives really, not having a car means more money to spend on other things and I would really resent needing to have a car now.

Previously, I think I used to "drive because I had a car" while in reality, the vast majority of trips I make are easily done by walking, cycling, public transport, taxi or alternatives such as internet delivery.  I only tend to use ZipCar for trips involving transport of larger items, such as trips to recycling.  This does mean planning ahead and booking if you want to do this at peak times at the weekend so means being a bit organised rather than spur of the moment.

For ZipCar itself, I've had no problems with it at all.  There nearest one to me has usually been available when I've wanted it and the next nearest one isn't that further away and I've seen some information they may be putting in a car bay even closer to me.  I usually overestimate the time needed so I am not in a rush to get back so have ended up overpaying a bit, but this isn't a problem.

I also think having a clear and apparent cost for a trip makes you think whether it is really necessary to take a car.  Owning a car, the costs are either hidden (depreciation) or spread across multiple trips (fuel, servicing, VED) so the true costs of a trip aren't apparent.

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