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Topic: Re:Heathrow - filth-generating third runway
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 05/07/15 16:31:00

The economic arguments of the Davies report will be unpicked over the coming weeks, and will be found to be based on unreliable assumptions, which will mean the report is rightly discredited. 

Together with the absurdity of thinking Heathrow can ever comply with the noise and pollution requirements (saying they think planes will be quieter and less polluting in the future is like saying they think one day we will all live on Mars - where is the proof?) and as Johnson says by the time it would be complete in 2030 a government then will have to agree to demand to build a fourth runway as we will be out of capacity, and as to no night flights - the rest of the world is not going to change its timetables so planes due in at 4 am will be circling for an hour or two above Heathrow until landing is permitted at 6 am (ie approach noise will start even if the government sticks to it at about 5.30 am).     The government will then bow to international pressure and allow night flights.  Heathrow will not and must not happen. 

Good Telegraph article today -

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