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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 04/07/15 11:04:00

Yes, it can be used in the bottom of your food waste bin to soak up any liquid - but obviously only in fairly small quantities.

It is also go in your compost bin and in a wormery.

You may not need to shred everything - but it's harder work to remove just the addresses and other info you don't want found floating around for other people to see.

Apparently you reduce the length of the fibres if you shred paper making it less valuable for turning into recycled paper - and it also can get stuck in the machinery so isn't very popular.

Of course it can be incinerated which may be why it is sometimes accepted safely bagged so it doesn't fly away.  Incineration is busily being rebranded as "energy from waste".  How recyclables are dealt with is likely to depend on market rates, facilities available, contracts in place, regulations and taxes.

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