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Topic: Re:SWT passengers - never fail to complain !
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 02/07/15 12:08:00

I was on the 08:44 yesterday. Although the guard kept apologising for the lack of air conditioning, I found it pleasantly cool in my carriage - at least as far as Clapham Junction, where I disembarked. He also said that the train was going to be taken out of service after it had completed its journey so the fault could be fixed. I suspect this set may have been scheduled to run the 18:37, and as it was away being fixed, they had to provide an alternative set.

Anyway, what would you have had them do ? Cancel the 08:44 completely as soon as the fault became apparent ? Cancel the 18:37 as there was no ten-car set available ?

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