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Topic: ags refrigeration
Posted by: Eva Beagan
Date/Time: 01/07/15 18:18:00

some months ago I posted question about fridge mechanics, and several people recommended glen at ags refrigeration - I did phone him at the time and he gave me some advice which seemed reasonable.

I just wanted to warn people that, actually, I have found him not to be that knowledgeable or reliable, in case you were thinking of using his services.

This mornng I phoned him because I was worried about my fridge's condenser being overly hot, and that my food was coming out not as cold as it should be (perhaps not surprising in this heatwave)

He told me to turn the controls right up, and "see if that sorts out the problem"  Well, I did, and the fridge came on and kept going on and on....after half an hour I looked inside, and found the temperature (according to my thermometers) had gone below freezing!!!
I immediately turned it back down to the original setting, but not before spilling the contents of a bottle of medication all over the kitchen floor, because the cold had shrunk the cap on the bottle!  as I shook it to see if it had frozen, it sprung open.  This resulted in a panic visit to the GP for a replacement and he chemist.

Sorry about the novel length post, But I think people should know that he is not the be all and end or fountain of knowledge. 

His parting shot was "I sould get ready to get a new fridge".....this one is only 6 months old.

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