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Topic: Re:So much for formula E then....
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 29/06/15 10:44:00

Sounded more like the washing machine on spin. And did anyone understand who was winning the championship while the commentators were adding up the points. Swapping cars to be able to race the 27 laps or whatever it was and still running out of energy on the last lap ? Cmon And to think you can drop to the rear of the race and get clean air and track to do a fastest lap to gain extra points which may have won you the overall title. Cmon

F1 is bad enough now.Its called racing but to be told over the radio you need to conserve fuel is plain madness.

Would i go and watch hair dryers whizzing down park lane,the answer is NO.

Id pull the plug on formula E and start again

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