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Posted by: Philip Weaver
Date/Time: 28/06/15 10:31:00

Julian, You have actually hit the nail on the head. Four years ago I had three email accounts one for business, one for friends and a third for odds and sods. I decided to try an experiment and set up a fourth email address with Yahoo and used it to only to connect with friends and human beings!. In the 4 years it’s been in use I have not received a single spam message in that account.
On the other hand the other three suffer an occasional burst of spa/phishing emails and we do the usual, delete delete delete.
For instance a week ago I had occasion to communicate with by email and request the services of a well-known “Plumber”. Within 24 hours of using that address I was getting up to 50 spams a day, into that email account,  almost unheard of and can only assume, that the address book of said plumber had been hacked and the addresses sold on.
Now one of my “things” is the hatred I have for “Bank” spam and I have collected over many years the email addresses of Banks to whom, if you get a spam email you should forward it to for their information/action. This has proved most effective and many of the banks send back an appreciative reply. For those who care to do the same I give below the total list I have managed to garner together.
List of Spoofs/Spam/Phishing addressees of banks etc.

Alliance and Leicester Bank.
Allied Irish Bank.
Associated Bank.
Bangkok Bank.
Bank of America.
Bank of Scotland.
Barclays Bank.
Cahoot Bank.
Chase Manhattan Bank.
CITI Bank.
Clydesdale Bank.  
Co-Operative Bank.
Egg Bank.
Federal Reserve Bank.
First Direct Bank.
First Hawaiian Bank.
Fulton Bank.
Government Scams.
Halifax Bank.
Hangseng Bank.
HMR Customs.
Lloyds TSB..
LMS Plc.
NatWest .
Royal Bank Scotland.
Santander Bank.
Smile Bank.
Standard Chartered Bank.
Tesco Bank .            
Wing Hung Bank.
Yorkshire Bank .
Yorkshire Building Society.

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