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Posted by: Colin Wren
Date/Time: 22/06/15 18:51:00

I used to walk to school with his children and I think his wife was the Strand of the Green Nurse or a Teacher. When I was older I attended the Air Training Corps on Windmill Lane in Brentford after being encouraged by him to join as he was the Squadron's Padre.

Every Christmas he arranged Carol Singing and charity collections around the various Roads throughout the Gunnersbury area, he held annual memorial services with the local Cub/Scout groups, comforted my family at my Gran's Funeral, paid regular visits to old or sick people within his parish and used to let out the St. James Church Hall for various resident parties and meetings. He'd also give me and my friends (all boys) the keys to the Hall over summer holidays whereby we could help ourselves to set up the snooker and table tennis tables which used to form part of the free youth club there. Now and again he would let us into his study to show us photo's from when he used to fly bombers for the RAF during the war and show us his Airfix kits of planes hanging from his ceiling. Even though we were all still young (under 10) looking back as I have done on many an occasion I'm very positive there was in no way any grooming or suspicion of any shenanigans going on here.

I moved out of London around 1984 and started hearing the stories a few years later about the goings on involving child abuse. Nothing prepared me or my friends upon hearing about this news at the time, so much so we were sure there must have been a mistake, set-up or false accusation regarding the outcome.

Until about 10 minutes ago a part of me actually thought this may still have been the case.

Awful news. Made worst by the fact the perpetrator was someone that was trusted, respected and played a positive key role in the local community.

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