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Topic: Closure of classes At Chiswich Adult Education
Posted by: Gioilla Zordan
Date/Time: 20/06/15 12:49:00

Hounslow inform us that the reasons for the closure are essentially financial as they are currently running only 4 classes on Monday at Chiswick School. This is unfortunate but also puzzling because Chiswick venue used to be a well attended and thriving Adult Education site on 4 days per week, and this has been whittled down to two days and now to one.Perhaps Hounslow Adult Education is not offering Chiswick residents what they need? Chiswick has a vibrant population of young families, professional people and elderly residents. Walking down the High Road, one can see that they are interested in their homes, gardens, fashion, food. They travel abroad, they are interested in the arts and crafts, in cookery, music, their health - and their pets. They are prepared to make time to learn new skills, expand their mind, explore their creativity, forge new relationships. That is what Adult Education is all about, and what it should offer! 

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Closure of classes At Chiswich Adult Education20/06/15 12:49:00 Gioilla Zordan
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