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Posted by: Richard Cathcart
Date/Time: 19/06/15 20:44:00

Further to Gabiella N's post, I was walking along Acton Lane at 7 pm this evening and saw a cat which looked very like the one in the pic sitting on the wall outside No. 143 (by Beaconsfield junction), along with a white cat with black patches.
I think I've seen the white one before around there.
Anyhow, there was no sign of either one when I came back an hour later - perhaps someone came back and let them in?
You could knock on No.143 (House name is 'Casalulu'?) and ask them if they have a ginger cat.
If they have you can eliminate this one, if not, it might be the missing moggy.
Incidentally, both cats looked contented and in good condition.
Good Luck!

P.S. I (stupidly) never thought to take a photo with my camera phone, but if anyone else thinks they see it, they might be quicker-witted than me.

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