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Topic: Rubbish collection LBH respond
Posted by: John Todd
Date/Time: 19/06/15 19:49:00

Cllr Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader of the Council  said:

“All rubbish from Netheravon Road, Airedale Avenue, Homefield Road, Wellesley Road and Stile Hall Gardens will be collected today.

“We apologise to everyone who hasn’t had their rubbish collected over recent weeks, and also apologise for the poor customer service people have received when they have contacted the council to ask why their rubbish hasn’t been collected. This is not acceptable.

“The reason for the lack of collections is the stop to an informal collection practice.  SUEZ environnement (formerly SITA) –  the company the council contracts to collect rubbish – stopped collecting rubbish from residents’ properties where they were not placed at the front edge of the property. Unfortunately residents were not informed of this change in practice and, as a result, collections were not carried out. We are talking to SUEZ about improvements to their customer service and communications.

“We are also looking at our own internal process to make sure that when we are told by residents that rubbish isn’t being collected, we ensure we understand what has happened and that it is resolved far more quickly.

“And we are looking at our own customer service processes to ensure residents receive prompt and personalised responses to all telephone and email enquiries.

“Our residents deserve the best possible services from us and we will do everything we possibly can to make sure they get them.”

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