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Topic: Bedlington cafe
Posted by: Denis Fox
Date/Time: 08/06/15 15:16:00

I am sure there are many users, like me who have often wondered whatever became of Tec, the popular moustached waiter who served here until its not that recent refurbishment.
Tec lived somewhere between the Womens prison and the Arsenal along the Holloway road, and travelled everyday to Fauconberg road to strut his stuff in (reputedly) London's first Thai restaurant. He was profoundly deaf and I remember in the early days he often took down the wrong orders. Nay matter his personality often contributed towards a rewarding experience for customers.
This morning I bumped into the previous owner and enquired about Tec.
Apparently he became quite ill and wasn't looking after himself properly. He returned to Thailand and I was saddened to hear he died two weeks ago.

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