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Topic: homeless and begging
Posted by: kaspa starr
Date/Time: 07/06/15 23:52:00

I see some people begging in Chiswick and there are some unfortunate souls who are genuinely homeless and who have nothing, i encourage you to engage with these people and to feel empathetic to their situation & think about what circumstances led to them being where they are and what it must be like. Unfortunately I also see people who are not so deserving and beg out of choice, and some of the begging is also deffinatly organised *be aware* Ive spoken to Matthew who sits under the bridge in turnham green terrace and hes a good guy whos genuinely down on his luck. hes looking for work and wants to do odd jobs for a bit of cash to get by. he deserves support and i know a lot of beautiful souls in Chiswick help when you can. <3 just be weary of scammers! 64

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