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Topic: Re:Re:Warning - Santander ATM
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 07/06/15 14:12:00

This may well be the "Lebonese Loop"in operation.This is a scam whereby crooks fit a wire loop in the cash delivery slot.This traps the cash as the machine tries to deliver it.The card is returned as normal, but no cash.The victim assumes the machine is kaput, takes their card and walks away.The crook will be watching this and as soon as the victim walks away, the cash will be taken and the loop put back in place for the next victim.Loraine, you are in an ideal position to see if that is what is happening.Watch the ATM, if anyone else has the same problem, watch to see if anybody else takes the money out after they have left.If they do , that will be the person that also had your cash.Lookout for anyone that has an Easter European look.This type of scam is a favourite for these people.If this happens to anyone in the future, look in the cash slot, and see if you can see the loop

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