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Topic: Re:Hotmail/Outlook Strangeness - Help!
Posted by: Sarah Maria
Date/Time: 07/06/15 08:41:00

Phew! Thank you both! I've been forwarding endless tat to for ages, but the fact that it seemed to come from my own email address really threw me for a loop... Much reassured.
I've in fact become so disillusioned with PayPal's mismanagement of their end (the in fact DID once ask me to re-confirm my entire debit card details in order to verify it was me, the legitimate user, and not the hacker...) that I've just given up on them for now and removed all my payment details from PayPal and thus in essence frozen my account. *heavy sigh*
I'm now off to forward $1,000 to this lovely Nigerian Banker chap who's just emailed me to tell me I've won the lottery!

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